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Having a warm comfortable area to receive an enema is very important for relaxation. Subdued lighting and a couple of aromatic candles all help in producing a relaxing atmosphere.

Using a hot water bottle before and during an enema, especially if the "recipient" needs help relaxing.

Fill a hot bottle about 1/3 full of hot water so it still fairly flat. Wrap the water bottle in a towel and tuck it under the recipient at the base of the spine. After a few minutes they began to feel the warmth, it feels really good and relaxing. Leave it there for a few minutes while preparing the enema. you can place a hot water bottle low down on your abdomen during an enema which helps relax the abdominal muscles. The warmth from the hot water bottle and the slow deep breathing before and during the enema helps to relax an anxious recipient. This will also help relieve menstrual cramping.

The combination of the warm bag outside and warm enema inside does relieve relieve menstrual cramps and constipation. Relaxing the anus and lubrication is very important for the easy insertion of an enema nozzle.

As with anything medically related to our bodies - no two people are exactly the alike.  Each person is different in the amount of enema solution they can take and hold - there's only just enough, and not enough.

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