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Enema Mixtures (Recipes)


Soap and Coffee are the most often used enema additives. Soap being the number one additive for a number of years.  The recipes below provide variety, health benefits and hopefully ways to make your enema experience enjoyable as well as healthy and productive.

Warm Soap Suds Enema Recipe
Enema for Alimentary Canal Cleansing Recipe
Coffee Enema Recipe
Warm Water Enema Recipe
Saline enema
Epsom Salt enema
Cool Salt Water Enema Recipe
Crushed ice enema
Sea Salt and Baking Soda Enema
Dehydration enema
Garlic Enema Recipe
Glycerin Enema Recipe
Detoxification enema
Lemon Juice Enema Recipe
Apple Cider Vinegar Enema Recipe
Catnip Tea Enema Recipe
Bentonite Green Clay Enema Recipe
Aloe Vera Enema Recipe
Neem tea enema
Wheat Grass Enema Recipe
Chamomile Herbal Tea Recipe
Green Tea Enema Recipe
Slippery Elm Enema Recipe
Lactobacillus Acidophilus Enema Recipe
Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Bifidonate Implant Recipe
Basil enema
Bayberry Bark enema
Comfrey Root enema
Ginger Enema Recipe
Golden Seal enema
Marjoram enema
Mustard Seed enema
Myrrh enema
Thyme enema
Valerian root enema
Willow Bark enema
Wormwood enema
Yarrow enema
Oregano enema
Parasite cleanse enema
Alka Seltzer enema
Air Enema  Recipe
Mayo enema
Cayenne Pepper Enema Recipe
Milk and Honey Enema
Milk Enema
Milk&Molasses Enema Recipe
Vegetable Oil enema
Caster Oil enema
Flaxseed oil enema
Mineral Oil Enema Recipe
Mineral Oil and Glycerin enema
Coconut oil enema
Lavender oil enema
Peppermint oil enema


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