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   "Enema" A substance injected into the large intestine through the Anus.


Many people are embarrassed or humiliated about bowel function even though it is part of everyday life.  And some people really react when you mention the word "enema".  I've discovered that  I just can't talk about taking enemas with some people. If they only realized how much better they could feel by using one once in awhile, maybe they would realize the good far outweighs the embarrassment.

An Enema is not a cure-all but a valuable procedure to assist the body with a wide variety of conditions.  Most enemas are given to relieve constipation or to clean out the rectum or sigmoid colon before a medical procedure.  Many times an irritant is added to the enema solution to increase peristalsis (Peristalsis is the rhythmic contraction of smooth muscles to propel contents through the digestive tract.)

Normally a small volume enema is given to clean out the rectum and sigmoid colon.  A large volume enema is used when cleaning the entire large intestine from the anus to the cecum.  In the colon, smooth muscles contract in sequence to produce a peristaltic wave which forces a ball of food along the large intestine.  Peristaltic movement is initiated by circular smooth muscles contracting behind the simi-liquid waste material (to prevent backflow), followed by a contraction of longitudinal smooth muscles, which pushes the digested food towards the anus for expulsion. During this trip through the large intestine, cells that line the intestinal wall absorb liquid until it becomes semi-solid by the time it reaches the rectum.  There are other cells that line the colon that produce mucus to help lubricate the colon to ease the passage of feces.  The human body is a rare and miraculous thing.  If there are things we can do to
help the process or make the organs work more efficiently, then to live longer
and healthier lives, that's what we should be doing.

dipiction of the gastrointestinal tractgastrointestinal tract

4 basic types of liquid enema:

1. Evacuation enema    (to empty the rectum or large intestine)

Other forms of enema

2.  Medicinal enema     (to deliver medication) 1. Air enema used in diagnostic procedures
3. Purgative enema       (to forcefully flush all the large intestine) 2. Steam enema     No longer Used
4. The absorption enema (to deliver nourishment) (retention enema) 3. Smoke enema    No longer Used
Water Weight    1 Liter = 1,000 Grams or 2.20 Pounds        1 Gallon [US] = 8.35 Pounds


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