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Positions for Giving and Receiving Enemas

There are several different positions that can be used to give or receive an enema. You may end up using different positions for different enemas you use.  Some give an enema sitting on the toilet which is a bit more difficult but handy.  A combination of enema positions makes for a more complete and thorough enema.  To maximize the ability of the enema solution to more easily follow the anatomy of the colon take the enema by positioning first on the right side, then after 2-5 minutes move to the back and then after 2-5 minutes move to the left side.

The Knee Chest position is the position that gives the easiest access to the anal opening. And is the
one chosen by most people administering an enema allowing the enema solution to flow deeper into the colon.

 Knee Chest Position   picture of enema position knee chest
    The left side or Sims position is pretty much the standard in hospitals.
The Left Side position  picture of enema position on the side
    The right side position allows the cecum to fill with enema solution
The Right Side position enema position lying on the right side

Some people enjoy the stomach position.

On Your Stomach  picture of enema position on the stomach
Taking an enema lying on the back allows for even solution distribution.
Lying on Your Back   picture of enema position laying on the back
                 There are shower nozzles for taking an enema standing in the shower and many people find this refreshing.  Bending across something while standing or kneeling across something are also possible enema positions.
Standing up  picture of enema position standing

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