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Air Enema

Clinically,  air or CO2 may be injected into the colon sometimes during a barium enema.

 There are also those times when people wish the experience of feeling a full colon without having too inject themselves with 2 qts. of enema solution and sit on the toilet and wait to expel solution and feces.  That is where an air enema can come into use.

This type of enema can be achieved in several ways.
(1)   You can use a bulb syringe and inject bulb after bulb of air into your rectum until you satisfied.
(2)   Or you can remove the hose from your enema bag and insert the nozzle into your rectum and then blow air into your rectum and colon until you achieve that full feeling.

(3) If your syringe is a multi-use water bottle, enema bag, douche, fountain syringe .  You inflate the bag with air then,
clamp off the tubing. Then insert the nozzle into your rectum, release clamp and squeeze the bag.

(4)  A syringe that works excellent for an air enema is the Higginson syringe 
This easy to use, quality syringe allows you to place the nozzle end of the syringe into anus and pump as much air as you can hold.

Or place the suction end of the tube in a container with enema solution and take an enema then remove the suction end and pump air into the rectum.  You can alternate between the air and water for a very stimulating enema.
The easy to use hand pump allows you to inject as much air and or enema solution as you prefer to use.

Caution:  Mixing air and water in the colon can cause moderate to severe cramping.

Colonoscopy:  is a procedure that is performed by a physician specializing in gastrointestinal problems.
The entire colon is examined using a lighted flexible tube that is inserted into the anus and advanced to the end of the colon which is called the cecum. The cecum is at the junction of the colon and small intestine. Colonoscopy is a diagnostic and/or therapeutic procedure used to help in the diagnosis of colon cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases hemorrhoids and other problems related to the colon.
During the procedure the physician may take small tissue samples or remove growths on the lining of the colon.
The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes. During the exam, there is often a feeling of cramping, bloating or pressure in the abdomen. Your health-care provider may give you medication to help you relax and better tolerate the examination. Patients are usually on their left side or on their back during the examination. After the procedure is completed you will recover for about 30 to 45 minutes.
Since the colon is expanded with air during the procedure, you are encouraged to pass flatus ( intestinal gas) during the recovery period.  After you return home you may wish to take a high enema series to help remove any remaining gas in your colon.


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